Fake IDs Are NOT Worth the Risks!

Federal law requires states to enforce laws that prohibit persons under 21 from drinking alcohol, yet counterfeit IDs in the college environment have been largely treated by society as a minor juvenile offense. However, they are still illegal, and have serious ramifications. Being caught using or possessing a counterfeit ID can lead to jail time and serious fines, and result in a permanent criminal record. The primary risk in using a fake ID is being arrested and charged. The other risk in using a fake ID is to have your identity stolen by the person who made your fake ID, or by the person you gave your own legitimate ID to. Fake IDs aren't worth the risks, and the college community needs to understand that.


Possession of a Fake ID directly influences the availability of alcohol to underage persons. If the fake ID was removed from the equation, that underage person's access to alcohol would be significantly reduced. This is a problem that few are looking at.A study, "demonstrated that false ID use led to increases in drinking frequency and quantity," said A.M. Arria, director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Two-thirds of underage students who drink use fake IDs to purchase alcohol. While underage students tend to drink less frequently than older students, the use of fake IDs allows them to drink more frequently.

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